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digital marketing agencies are like all businesses, first they must decide what value they bring to their clients. for our digital marketing agency clients we bring the tools and know how so they can become the rainmaker, the 900# Gorilla and dominate their market. WE decided there is more than one way to accomplish the lofty goal of becoming the rainmaker in their niche. our marketing model allows clients to choose how fast or slow they dominate their niche. below we have defined what we offer and how business owners can go about becoming the rainmaker.
Who we serveGrowth strategY

Who we serve

proactive market domination at your service and at your pace


Small business owners should participate in the extremely large online market. It's much less expensive to reach potential customers when done right.


$1M - $10M

Unfamiliar or unsuccessful with on-line marketing. Need Help? Advertising helped grow your business. Will use part of the existing marketing budget for on-line marketing.


$10M - $25M

Significant success with advertising and have grown. Looking to expand into
on-line marketing or have a professional do it for you. You have a budget for Advertising.


900 lb gorilla

You not only want to grow. You have a burning desire to be the 900# Gorilla in your niche now and have the resources to make it happen.
You want professional help.


MANAGED services

Individually these are effective, together they are Unstoppable

Social media marketing

Posting to social media sites regularly is important. Most owners don't have the time and this can hurt business. Brands stay top of mind by staying connected to their on-line communties.

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Reputation management

So much is being made by Google about business reputations. Because Google is the 900# Gorilla of search, business owners must get their arms around their on-line reputation.

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Website design

Using only leading edge UI Software AV Micro Marketing designs and builds all our websites. If you have ever lived the nightmare of outsourcing you will appreciate local talent and local contacts.

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SEO is much more complicated than it has ever been. The good news is we know what the changes are and how to address them. The bad news is SEO requires constant attention and can be costly.

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Manage EMail lists

In this day of such incredible tech and connectivity you would think having an email list would be like having food in the fridge. Not so, but it should be so as each email is worth $1/Month. Nuff said

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The creative part and perhaps the expensive part of marketing. A good funnel builder can increase your ROI on adspend by a lot. 3X to 10X is common compared to using the platform ad builders.

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PPC Advertising

The actual amount you pay to the platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Etc, Etc. By the time you get here we will have established the business as a reputable leader

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video marketing

A terrific way to reach your audiences and dazzle them and Get Their Attention, Entertain Them, Inform Them, Educate Them and Get Them to Take Action. So many benefits click "Learn More"

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Text marketing

When you just want customer's to walk in your door and you have an irresistable offer, text marketing is a quick and easy way to reach prospective new customer's.

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How to Be the Rainmaker in your market niche

Become the 900 lb Gorilla at your own pace

"In order to succeed you must begin"RJB

Starting from scratch and wanting to be the "Rainmaker" is a pretty lofty, ambitious goal. RAINMAKER CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED. First, It's vitally important that you begin by assessing your online presence. Meaning, someone with know how and understanding of the relevant data needs to assess your business online presence. Some call it an "Audit", a "Review" or a "Deep Dive". Regardless, your present postition in the on-line community must be clearly understood and may be better than you think.

Now, depending on where you are with your online presence and where you fall in the categories below we will combine the two and design a "Rainmaker Plan" that fits your needs, wants and budget and you will become the 900 lb Gorilla in your marketing niche.

New To Digital Marketing

If you are a babe in the marketing woods like this little fella we have a starting point for you. If you are on a limited budget then we have a starting point for you. If you are just not sure where to spend your money and don't have a "Go To" Digital Marketing Agency we are the starting point for you. Our starter package let's you start out slow, see results and scale by adding additional digital marketing resources. Complete reporting and ROI included.

Changing Advertising Strategy

Looking to branch out into the Digital Space but just aren't sure where to turn or where to start. With the idea of spending part of the existing marketing budget in the digital marketing space, you need a help. Your experience in advertising will come in handy as ads still need to be laid out and offers still need to be made. Use your skills to help us help you find new customer's on-line. Complete reporting and ROI included.

Good Results With Current Marketing

Success in marketing has been reached and you are ready for new horizons and brand new customers. Looking to the Digital Space you need help to ensure your efforts are in the right place and your money is spent wisely. At AV Micro Digital Marketing Agency we craft strategies and tactics to reach your digital marketing goals and we keep you informed along the way. Complete reporting and ROI Included.


It's no secret..."It takes money to make money". If your goal is to not only succeed in your niche but dominate that niche. AV Micro Digital Marketing Agency has a proven plan for you. It's simple, it's straight forward and it fits your budget. We always report on progress and show your ROI.

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